Splint Wrist Support Brace

Original price was: AED 210.00.Current price is: AED 104.98.


Splint Wrist Support Brace

Original price was: AED 210.00.Current price is: AED 104.98.

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Experience the stabilizing support of our Splint Wrist Support Brace to find pain relief and speed up recovery!

Whether an old injury is flaring up or you sprained your wrist in your martial arts class, this wrist brace allows you to stabilize and immobilize your wrist injury to reduce strain on your painful muscles, joints and nerves. The wrist support comes in either a left or right wrist orientation, and it contains a lightweight, removable metal splint that holds your wrist in a neutral position to speed up the recovery from an injury or treat chronic conditions.

This wrist support is effective for easing pain associated with a number of conditions, including:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)
  • Repetitive strain Injury (RSI)
  • Tendinitis
  • Wrist sprains or strains
  • Rhizarthrosis
  • Wrist injury or surgery

The lightweight, breathable material and contour fit makes this wrist brace comfortable to wear throughout the day and night for optimal healing. The brace is made with high-quality and durable materials to withstand daily wear and tear. A secure strap system helps you achieve the desired amount of non-slip support and compression — simply adjust 3 velcro straps with hook and loop closures for a snug, comfortable fit. The ergonomic design lets you retain full mobility in your fingers, including grasping or clenching motions. Whether you are recovering from an injury or just need wrist support during your fitness exercises, you can rely on the stability and support of this wrist brace because it is specifically designed for immobilization and protection. Moreover, it makes a useful addition to any inventory of home health care products.


✔️ QUICK HEALINGProvides moderate-stabilizing support to sore, weak and injured wrists to help recover faster.

✔️ PREVENT FURTHER INJURY — Providing reliable support through strenuous activity while protecting the wrist from being sprained.

✔️ REMOVABLE ALUMINUM SPLINTS — Add stability, control wrist flexion and provide a rigid structure to keep the wrist from excessive movement.

✔️ PERFECT FIT — 3 adjustable velcro straps with a hook and loop closure provide a custom fit for comfortable compression and stability. They also retain therapeutic heat to help improve circulation.

✔️ COMFORTABLE & DURABLE — Breathable, moisture-wicking material is durable and lightweight, making it ideal for for all-day wear and night use. Supports weak or injured wrists while maintaining full range of movement of thumb and fingers.


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  1. K****n (verified buyer)

    United Arab Emirates

    This thing has saved my right hand, which is the dominant one. I fell asleep in a chair and somehow compressed a nerve long enough to paralyze the entire hand. This thing is giving me enough support to strengthen the extensor muscles that I can actually use a mouse and type a little bit. The support piece can be uncomfortable but that’s trivial compared to a life-changing condition. Highly recommend this product.

  2. C***n (verified buyer)

    United Arab Emirates

    Have been in pain due to tendonitis and decided to order these. Very quick to ship and a good quality. They are providing great support and my tendons are not so painful at the moment. Thank you

  3. G***a (verified buyer)

    United Arab Emirates

    I like them. The pain and awful tingling at night has stopped. Can’t beat the price.

  4. S***a (verified buyer)

    United Arab Emirates

    Very effective and comfortable in relieving symptoms of carpal tunnel. Would recommend!

  5. T***n (verified buyer)

    United Arab Emirates

    I sprained my wrist in the gym one morning, ordered this that same day. The brace fits perfectly, feels very supportive and protective, is lightweight, and most importantly—it looks good. I highly recommend it.

  6. R***r (verified buyer)

    United Arab Emirates

    I type all day long. These don’t get in the way of my typing and I can adjust the straps to make them tighter/looser. They keep my wrists straighter than the others. I can wear these daily for prevention and not just when things are getting bad.

  7. W***d (verified buyer)

    United Arab Emirates

    So far, this is my favorite wrist brace. I wear this for osteoarthritis of the wrist, to protect it when it’s inflamed, and it is suiting that purpose admirably.

  8. K***n (verified buyer)

    United Arab Emirates

    This brace offers firm support of the wrist while typing on my computer at work. I had started to feel numbness and tingling in my fingertip before using the brace. After wearing it at work for one week, I was already starting to feel an improvement in those symptoms. Let’s hope it continues to work.

  9. J***y (verified buyer)

    United Arab Emirates

    I have overuse carpal tunnel from hair dressing for 18 years. I use this brace when driving, sleeping, and when on the keyboard to keep my wrist “neutral.” It has great straps that adjust how snug it is. Love it!

  10. A***y (verified buyer)

    United Arab Emirates

    Awesome product. Fits perfect. Gives great support. Great value for the price. I have to use these because a surgeon paralyzed my left wrist & these are the best support I’ve come across. Would recommend.